A pet store or pet shop is a retail business which sells different kinds of animals to the public. A variety of animal supplies and pet accessories are also sold in pet shops. The products sold include: food, treats, toys, collars, leashes, cat litter, cages and aquariums.Some pet stores provide engraving services for pet tags, which have the owner’s contact information in case the pet gets lost.

In the USA and Canada, pet shops often offer both hygienic care (such as pet cleaning) and esthetic services (such as cat and dog grooming). Grooming is the process by which a dog or cats’s physical appearance is enhanced and kept according to breed standards for competitive breed showing, for other types of competition, like creative grooming or pet tuning contests, or just to their owners taste. Some pet stores also provide tips on training and behaviour, as well as advice on pet nutrition.

There are many large pet stores located in the US and Canada, including: Petland, Pet Valu, and PetSmart. In the United States, Petco is also a popular pet store. In addition, there are many smaller pet shops that aren’t part of big chains, such as Big Al’s, which have a smaller number of locations.

Pet Animals Act 1951 all ways bare  this in mind.

American Pet Products Association 2011 to 2012 survey of pet owners shows that 72.9 million U.S. households have a pet, with approximately 40 percent of those households having multiple pets. Roughly 78 million dogs rank as the No.1 pet preference. With those statistics, it’s easy to see that starting a dog boutique would be a good business venture. Statistics show people tend to purchase dog supplies in addition to dog food. As you start a pet boutique, you need to decide what items you want to sell and the best way to reach your market

So in 2005 I created petshopbuoys a dog clothing shop full of quality inspired and couture pet products from the finest of manufactures in the UK. With a story to enhance the name claimed and two beautiful dogs wearing beautiful collars soft bedding and top quality collection selected and made by my design a Chelsea cost with a hood and leopard print cat bed now in 2016 doginparis manufacturing my own black inspired collar with buoy logo owned by my self thought of Art. Since this a record produced jerry terry and the petshopbuoys seen on youtube .

Our KEY aim is to continue to provide high quality and practical also fashionable and collectable pet goods into next five years before a relaunch in to the new high street model.

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