At Petshopbuoys we treat customer privacy very seriously. All information we gather at this web site is strictly for our accounting use and is not shared with any other entity, public or private, for any reason (except, of course, where we are required by law to divulge information). We will not sell or give away any lists or other data that we may retain and we do not purchase such information from other sources. Personal Information collected on order forms, with the exception of credit/debit card details, is not stored except to allow us to track consulting issues. Our servers (like most Internet servers) track IP addresses and referring pages to help with site maintenance and improvements. This data is viewed only as anonymous statistics to show the busiest times of the day or week, pages with errors and how effective our advertising has been. This information is not used for any other purpose. If you wish to contact us further, you will find complete contact information on our contact page.